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Qt "Qt 4.1.3 - the latest maintenance release to the Qt 4.1 series - is now available, incorporating numerous bug fixes and optimizations. Qtopia Core 4.1.3 has also been released to Qtopia Core customers. For detailed information, please consult the changes-4.1.3 file found in the package."
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I'm a bit dissapointed with Qt4 maturity
by reduz on Thu 18th May 2006 22:41 UTC
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I'm working on a sequencer that uses Qt4 natively (at .. it's a pretty large app (70k loc ) and uses most of Qt features.

I havent tested 4.1.3 yet, but as for 4.1.2 , Qt4 is a pile of bugs so far. I'm having trouble in every area and from version to version something always breaks.

Amazingly, 4.0.x version releases used to work better for me than 4.1.x.. to enumerate some bugs:

-Dialogs and windowing toplevels in modal models seem broken in any other WM than KDE's Kwin
-QWidget::scroll doesnt work anymore since 4.1.2
-Qlayout setSpacing and setMargin sometimes dont work

And many more bugs and strange behaviors that only happen in very specific situations inside my app, but not if I make testcases..

Unfortunately, thanks to Trolltech closed development model, It's very difficult to reach a developer and explain them the trouble I am having with their product, and I dont have enough money to purchase a license and commercial support. On irc or forums all I get is people saying "oh that happens to me too!".
Qt source code is (despite the api being nice and clean) not very easy to read or understand in a lot of cases.

So basically, I'm waiting until KDE4 is out, which means a lot of bugs in Qt will be fixed, as it happened early with Qt3 (which is now rock solid), or alternatively wait until i'm done with my app and go and fix the bugs myself.

In short, I dont think I can recommend Qt4 as for now, because it's has an extremely buggy development process. I also stopped upgrading versions while developing because I'm tired of having to fix new bugs that appear. The best is probably to wait a year or so until some big project like KDE4 helps Qt4 to mature.

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