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Qt "Qt 4.1.3 - the latest maintenance release to the Qt 4.1 series - is now available, incorporating numerous bug fixes and optimizations. Qtopia Core 4.1.3 has also been released to Qtopia Core customers. For detailed information, please consult the changes-4.1.3 file found in the package."
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I filed several bug reports, but several scenarios happen, as I mentioned in the earlier post:

1) Nothing happens (the bug stays there, no reply)

2) I make a testcase where I get a reply from Trolltech, saying what I report works for them. This happens to me in many areas, like the dialogs bug and others.. I explained them that their modal QDialogs (dialogs implementation) is broken in anything other than KDE, and all I get is a reply from them saying that it is gnome,icewm, etc what is broken, not Qt4. Or in other cases, Xorg or my distribution (ubuntu/debian).

3) The bugs happen under certain conditions in my application and I can't reproduce them by making a testcase. Some of these are serious and I need to workaround them. I send the bug to Trolltech and I tell them that it doesnt happen on testcases, and that would be good if they can a) if possible, check my app, which is OPENSOURCE for the bug. b) Explain me how to debug Qt myself and what to look for. However, I never get reply for that.

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