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Qt "Qt 4.1.3 - the latest maintenance release to the Qt 4.1 series - is now available, incorporating numerous bug fixes and optimizations. Qtopia Core 4.1.3 has also been released to Qtopia Core customers. For detailed information, please consult the changes-4.1.3 file found in the package."
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> i just tested this and it works fine. i'm using 4.1.3, though.

> do you have test cases somewhere that show the problem? i

I tried, but it actually works in the test cases.
The problem is that QSCrollArea works, but when I want to call QWidget::scroll on a generic widget I inherit from QWidget, on which I draw myself (so i can have the visible contents be screen->screen copied, or backingstore->screen copied and then repaint only the dirty area).. scroll doesn't happen, and it is the entire widget region what is sent for repaint.. so even if visually everything looks ok, the scrolling isnt happening and the widget moves slow.

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