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Linux "I am faced with a challenge: I need to find a Linux distribution that is both small enough, efficient enough and easy enough to maintain for my laptop. Realizing that all Linux distributions are not created equal, I did my research and was able to narrow my list to a handful of distributions that may be suitable for my needs and my laptop. Throughout the course of this article, I am going to test each of these distributions on my laptop and discuss my experiences. I will attempt to install and evaluate each distribution for a period of a couple of days. Based on my findings, I will select the distribution that best suits my needs."
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Of course FreeBSD
by lopisaur on Fri 19th May 2006 22:00 UTC
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I have an old Compaq K6-2/400 laptop with 64MB ram and a cracked display (Note to self: Don't drop your Palm onto an LCD display...) that's running FreeBSD 5.5 as a charm. It's only purpose right now is as a print and NFS server. The nice thing is you don't need an UPS!
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