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Microsoft A senior Microsoft executive told a BBC documentary that people should use commercial software if they're looking for stability. "Some people want to use community-based software, and they get value out of sharing with other people in the community. Other people want the reliability and the dependability that comes from a commercial software model. And again, at the end of the day, you make the choice based on what has the highest value to you."
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Murray's statement can horribly backfire
by ingraham on Sat 20th May 2006 01:36 UTC
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Ignoring for a moment whether or not non-commercial open source software is reliable or dependable, Murray opens a can of worms by suggesting that commercial proprietary software is. Some quick examples of how relying on Microsoft's dependability would land you in a heap of trouble, in roughly chronological order:

OS/2: Abandoned by MS
Windows 3.0: Delayed
Windows 95: Delayed by 2 years
Windows NT: Delayed 1 year
Windows XP: Delayed over a year. Windows ME was rushed out to fill what would have been a 5 year gap between releases.
Windows Vista: Delayed at least 4 years

Internet Explorer: No major updates for at least 4 years.
IE for Mac: Abandoned
IE for Unix: Abandoned

Visual Studio .Net: Numerous delays of various releases, plus essentially abandons legacy VB6 code.

Microsoft Bob: A terrible idea to begin with, it's good that MS killed it. But if you were an IT guy who rolled it out or a developer that put effort into working with it you got burned.

Passport: Failed to gain market acceptance, eventually killed.

WinFS: Removed from already-delayed Vista launch; no way to know when or if it will be released.

As a gamer, I think Windows XP is the best gaming OS ever. But if I worked at Microsoft, I would try really hard NOT to bring up "reliability and dependability." Now Murray, Ballmer, and Gates are going to spend the next week defending the comment.

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