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Apple So, how does the news of Apple and DRM change, or not change, your purchasing habits regarding x86 Macs? Let us know by participating in our following poll:
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pros, cons
by chrish on Tue 2nd Aug 2005 13:15 UTC
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I'm eagerly awaiting the x86 Macs... being able to use Mac OS X full-time (and still boot into XP for playing all those games I've invested in; until they port City of Heroes to OS X, anyway) will be awesome.

If the DRM is used only for authenticating OS X, I can live with it. If it's going to be used as a dongle for preventing my software from running if I copy it to my iBook, then I'll do whatever I can to disable it. I don't live in the US and have no plans to travel there until the fundamentalist regime is overthrown, so I won't be in any DMCA, etc. danger.

The key benefits for me are being able to use a significantly better OS full-time on my home systems, having better hardware with less random behaviour, and (of course) being able to boot into that other OS when I "need" to play a game. Until I'm done all my PC games and go full-on console... which may or may not ever happen.

- chrish

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