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Microsoft A senior Microsoft executive told a BBC documentary that people should use commercial software if they're looking for stability. "Some people want to use community-based software, and they get value out of sharing with other people in the community. Other people want the reliability and the dependability that comes from a commercial software model. And again, at the end of the day, you make the choice based on what has the highest value to you."
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Again, no joke, Windows XP crashed on me 8 times last week, simply because I was copying and pasting graphics and text from Word documents to a PowerPoint presenation.

Office X for Mac OS X was doing the same thing to me once when I was working on a school project. (2004 has never caused me any trouble, though.) It couldn't crash the OS, but it managed to take down all the open Office apps. Microsoft just goes nuts with integrating their software. Fortunately, there are some OSes they don't own.

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