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SuSE, openSUSE "When you're done installing SUSE Linux 10.1 OSS, your desktop system is not complete. You might still need support for Java programs, MP3 audio files, and browser plugins for Macromedia Flash, Adobe Acrobat, RealPlayer, and Windows Media Video. You may also want to add support for playing DVD videos on your computer, and to try out the new XGL graphical toys. Here's how to effectively make SUSE Linux 10.1 into the perfect desktop OS."
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RE: Why oh why!
by jakesdad on Sat 20th May 2006 23:11 UTC in reply to "Why oh why!"
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"I disagree about XGL being useless, I guess you used to plain old boring desktop."

I agree with you.. While most of it is just eye candy there are some useful things. Examples being: Window Picker (its just a mouse jesture and great is you have multiple windows open) and holding ctrl-alt- down arrow to show all desktops.. It has some useful features and runs remarkably well.

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