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Features, Office "In the hubbub over the ODF and competing 'what you see is what you get' word processors, a long-standing alternative model of word processing systems has been mostly overlooked. The author of LyX, Matthias Ettrich, calls this approach 'what you see is what you mean'. However, it's a philosophy that you will find in many 'native' free software text-processing systems everywhere, from online 'content management systems' to book publishing. You write what you mean, then you use some type of formatter to create presentation layouts. LyX, with its integrated graphical environment, may be the friendliest place to learn it."
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LyX = awesome!
by patrix on Sun 21st May 2006 15:33 UTC
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I've been using LyX for YEARS to write all my school reports and other important documents that I want to look GOOD.

Seriously. One time, 4 ppl (including me) were doing a project, and we each had our part of the final document to write. Try to bring that together from MS Word to MS Word and combine it... It was pain for 2 hours till I told em "let's save it all in text, I'm gonna put it together in LyX in 30 minutes flat".

Took me 29 minutes, including spellchecking, and they were all impressed at how professional the end result looked. Ever since, other word processors have always been inferior, for me, except for some tasks where they are simply faster/easier.

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