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Features, Office "In the hubbub over the ODF and competing 'what you see is what you get' word processors, a long-standing alternative model of word processing systems has been mostly overlooked. The author of LyX, Matthias Ettrich, calls this approach 'what you see is what you mean'. However, it's a philosophy that you will find in many 'native' free software text-processing systems everywhere, from online 'content management systems' to book publishing. You write what you mean, then you use some type of formatter to create presentation layouts. LyX, with its integrated graphical environment, may be the friendliest place to learn it."
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excellent software
by project_2501 on Sun 21st May 2006 18:38 UTC
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i've been using Lyx for many years. its solid, stable and handles large documents with large numbers of diagrams and other inserts easily. its fast simple and does what it does very well.

msword in comparison is a pain. watch your on-disk filesizes grow, watch it mess with styles and style-codes, watch it crash and cirrput with large documents and large numbers of inserts.

there is *still* no good reliable way of inserting vector graphics from external sources into msword- svg, ps, eps, forget it. even ms native wmf and ewmf is a gamble.

forget latex/tex - you don't need to know its there if you wat to use lyx. if you want to get advanced, sure go ahead.

someone asked about a reference manager - i've always found pybliogrpaher to work very well.

my only gripe with lyx is that different styles are not userfriendly - they originate in the ancient caves of maths publications and are not that relevant to most home users. even the so-called foils or presentation styles are not that friendly.

i'd recommend lyx as a source for generating html, pdf, and other types. the standard is open, and its compressed xml anyway so you can always do it yourself.

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