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Novell and Ximian "In order to broaden Linux hardware support and simplify the process of acquiring, installing, and updating device drivers, Novell has created a new driver system that will enable vendors to supply drivers to users directly. Linux drivers are traditionally maintained in the kernel itself, and third-party drivers that aren't available in the kernel often have to be installed manually, a process that generally involves compilation. In many cases, users have to wait for the next kernel release cycle before they can get software support for the latest hardware. Novell's new Partner Linux Driver Process could potentially resolve some of those problems by providing a simple and consistent process for deploying drivers independently."
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by dsmogor on Mon 22nd May 2006 07:44 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Quote"
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Not that I follow that reasoning but to make discussion fuller, kernel devs see it as follows:
Only OSS drivers guarantee necessary quality "certification". Allowing close source will poison linux waters with loads of piss-poor 3rd party drivers that are mostly half hearted WDM ports while removing incentive for supporting continous OSS develpement by current important linux server partners like Adaptec.
So they fear that you may end up present quality oss drivers replaced by lots of medicore at best (and mostly useless in reality) closed drivers. So your choice is in fact removed. Additionally Linux's image as stable system can be seriousely hurt. (MS's been figting this problem for years and only recently've seen some positive outcome).
Linux is still boldest on the server (depite press coverage) and there is a lot to be lost there (which MS awaits eagerly).

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