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Syllable, AtheOS The Syllable team has released Syllable 0.6.1. New in this release: initial ACPI support and better PCI resource management, new application events API, lots of driver updates and additions, new versions of Syllable's browser and mail client, ports of CUPS and Samba3, and support for the REBOL language.
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RE: keep dreaming ladies
by Vanders on Mon 22nd May 2006 10:25 UTC in reply to "keep dreaming ladies"
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I probably told you the same thing back then: this is an Alpha version that is not feature complete, so things like dial-up arn't implemented yet. For those with non-dialup internet connections "surfing" works fine. If you want to be constructive, help get dial up working; Arno has ported pppd and it works with PPPoE (DSL) connections. That's the hard part done. It just needs a little more work to get it working on dial-up.

If you're not going to do that, then you have to accept the fact that it isn't done yet and be patient. I know it's far easier to troll OSNews instead of helping, but you sometimes have to accept that life is a little larger than your own world.

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