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SuSE, openSUSE Mad Penguin has published a review of SUSE 10.1, including info on multimedia, XGL/Compiz, and a flash movie of the installation. They conclude: "The desktop itself is one to be reckoned with. I was able to be instantly productive with this release of SUSE. I didn't need to "fiddle" with anything outside of getting multimedia support back in place, but that's another argument for another day isn't it? The bottom line is that I was able to install the OS and apps, sit down, and go right to work."
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by transami on Mon 22nd May 2006 19:19 UTC
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I just spent 32 hours downloading the DVD (the 5 CDs when faster actually), then spent close to an hour with the install. Lets be frank here. SUSE's install design is stuck in 2002. Xandros pretty much cleaned everyone's clock in that deparment and no one seems to have matched in since. But today's innovation in installer is a LiveOS with an install script on the Desktop --pioneered by distros like Mepis and Gobo. The next Ubuntu release is going this route and it looks sweet, though it's still alpha quality at the moment.

As for the SUSE Desktop. Well it's all there and well laid out, but it feels "heavy". Everthing the system does seems to take a lot of CPU cycles. Indeed, SUSE's philopshy seems to be "give em the kitchen sink too" and while that seems like a nice thing to do, it's also it's undoing.

IMHO 8/10.

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