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GNU, GPL, Open Source After Kororaa announced its GPL problems and me writing a column about it, the people behind Kororaa have now posted an in-depth follow-up: "I have been receiving lots of information which I have been sorting through, thank you to everyone who has emailed me (although I would have also thanked you personally via email). I contacted both ATI and nVidia for some clarification on particular issues, however neither have answered my questions. Nevertheless, this is what I have found so far."
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The real problem...
by grat on Mon 22nd May 2006 19:47 UTC
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is that no one knows if it's a violation.

There's a lot of emotional response, but very little *legal* opinion about it-- Although I'm certain that NVidia and ATI have already had this conversation with THEIR attorneys, or they wouldn't have shipped the drivers period.

It sounds like, based on the description(s) given, that there's not an actual GPL violation going on, just some FSF advocates bent out of shape.

If they want to bother sending a C&D to the Koroaa folks (and are willing to deal with the international issues), then let them. At that point Kororaa can decide if it's worth fighting, or to just shutdown.

As a number of other people have pointed out, there are other distros that have been far worse about bundling, but are large enough they could fight back. This makes the whole situation even sadder.

Personally, I think the developer in question needs to either stand up and announce themselves, or apologize. If they're not speaking for the kernel team, then they're abusing their "authority". Doing this in such a clandestine manner does nothing to help OSS, the FSF, or linux.

It *does* however, give a boost to Microsoft's FUD machine.

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