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GNU, GPL, Open Source After Kororaa announced its GPL problems and me writing a column about it, the people behind Kororaa have now posted an in-depth follow-up: "I have been receiving lots of information which I have been sorting through, thank you to everyone who has emailed me (although I would have also thanked you personally via email). I contacted both ATI and nVidia for some clarification on particular issues, however neither have answered my questions. Nevertheless, this is what I have found so far."
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by Brendan on Mon 22nd May 2006 20:00 UTC
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Just wondering why Kororaa can't ask for an exclusion from the copyright holders (regardless of whether it is a violation or not).

Of course you'd probably have to figure out who the copyright holders are. This might be impossible (too many programmers/contributors scattered everywhere without up-to-date contact information), which makes me wonder if the copyright holders are organised well enough to take legal action in any case (even for blatant/deliberate violations without grey areas).

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