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GNU, GPL, Open Source After Kororaa announced its GPL problems and me writing a column about it, the people behind Kororaa have now posted an in-depth follow-up: "I have been receiving lots of information which I have been sorting through, thank you to everyone who has emailed me (although I would have also thanked you personally via email). I contacted both ATI and nVidia for some clarification on particular issues, however neither have answered my questions. Nevertheless, this is what I have found so far."
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RE[2]: Permission?
by Brendan on Mon 22nd May 2006 20:34 UTC in reply to "RE: Permission?"
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The complete list of kernel contributors is unknown and some of them are dead. This makes it impossible to get permission to relicense things. I'm still waiting to see how Linus gets around that problem when considering the GPLv3.

If I took the source code for Linux, removed all of the copyrights and inserted my own commercial/proprietory copyright, then used search&replace to change every occurance of the word "Linux" to "Foo", and then started selling it as "Foo, the greatest OS on earth" (for $100 per copy) with large international advertising campaigns, would anyone be able to stop me?

It seems to me that if the copyright holders aren't organised enough to prevent this then Linux effectively has no enforcable copyright, and the only thing stopping GPL violations is "bad press".

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