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SuSE, openSUSE Mad Penguin has published a review of SUSE 10.1, including info on multimedia, XGL/Compiz, and a flash movie of the installation. They conclude: "The desktop itself is one to be reckoned with. I was able to be instantly productive with this release of SUSE. I didn't need to "fiddle" with anything outside of getting multimedia support back in place, but that's another argument for another day isn't it? The bottom line is that I was able to install the OS and apps, sit down, and go right to work."
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by Tymon on Tue 23rd May 2006 09:14 UTC
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I installed this distribution after reading the review yesterday. I've been a loyal Ubuntu user for some time but the review caught my attention and XGL wasn't working on my ATI equipped notebook so I gave it a spin.

I must say it's quite easy to install but:
-While Yast is a nice tool, it's structure is much to complicated.
-It's SLOW compared to Ubuntu! Really, I thought all this talk about speed differences between distros was exaggerated, but SuSE just feels really slow.
-XGL works like a charm (after I installed the offical ATI drivers) so that's cool and also what I downloaded the distro for in the first place.
-When dapper is ready I'm switching right back to Ubuntu, it's mainly a matter of feel.

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