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Windows "It's been a long and arduous journey, but Microsoft continues to make progress in its plan to release Windows Vista. This week, at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference in Seattle, Microsoft is unveiling Beta 2 of its next-generation operating system, marking a critical milestone on the release plan. Because Vista code, at this point, is essentially feature-complete, Beta 2 - also known as build 5384.4 - doesn't contain a lot of readily visible changes from the builds we've covered previously. But in the months since the February CTP release, Microsoft has continued to improve Vista's fit and finish, flesh out the capabilities of bundled programs, and clean up bugs (though there are still plenty)."
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RE: Various Editions
by Hae-Yu on Tue 23rd May 2006 17:59 UTC in reply to "Various Editions"
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Home Basic doesn't have Aero, Home Premium does.

None of the previews (PC Mag, PC World, etc) add new info to what's available. I realize reviewers are throwing something out and haven't had any time to really dig in yet, but this is just page fodder.

The MS WinHEC site provides good information on Boot Configuration Data (Vista + EFI/ BIOS, bootloaders - very interesting read), XPS & Vista's Printing, Kernel Mode Enhancements (new memory management and dll handling/ updating were interesting), Audio effects, Longhorn Server, Drivers, WinFX, etc.

Did anyone know they had a new graphics format to compete with TIFF and JPEG? I didn't until I read some of the XPS info.

Basically meat is available, but the news sites are only touching on fluff. The only questions they answered concerned UAC:
Is it still annoying? Yes.
Does MS realize this and working toward it? Yes.

Unless something changes with WMP or Photo Gallery, we've all seen them. There's a lot of changes in here but we see the same stuff. We've had previews out the wazoo on the UI, how about something a bit deeper?

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