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X11, Window Managers "Five months after release of X11R7.0, the modularized and autotooled release of the MIT Licensed X Window System source code, the X.Org Foundation has issued its first modular roll-up release. X11R7.1 supports Linux, Solaris, and BSD systems. It includes important new server and driver features for embedded systems, 64 bit platforms, enhanced operating system support, and accelerated indirect GLX support. It most importantly demonstrates to developers and industry immediate benefits of modularization."
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answered my own question
by macisaac on Tue 23rd May 2006 22:12 UTC
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sigh... I was hoping they'd still be releasing in parallel the fat tarball releases ala 6.9/7.0. while I can appreciate the technical reasons behind this for the X maintainers, and even perhaps for end users, however it looks to be a nightmare from a package maintainer's perspective.

with the old way, I have 1 (or divided into 7) tarball(s) to download. about one file, the host.def, to modify to taste, and then I compile it all in one go, and release as a collection all in one go. now I have about 280 packages to download, configure, compile, and release... not exactly fun.

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