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X11, Window Managers "Five months after release of X11R7.0, the modularized and autotooled release of the MIT Licensed X Window System source code, the X.Org Foundation has issued its first modular roll-up release. X11R7.1 supports Linux, Solaris, and BSD systems. It includes important new server and driver features for embedded systems, 64 bit platforms, enhanced operating system support, and accelerated indirect GLX support. It most importantly demonstrates to developers and industry immediate benefits of modularization."
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RE: answered my own question
by Ookaze on Wed 24th May 2006 09:17 UTC in reply to "answered my own question"
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I don't understand.
If you don't have an automated way to make releases, then you should not make releases, as human error can always happen (even in the original XFree), and lots of packages depend on X and where its elements are.

If you have an automated way to make releases, you just have more work to do once or twice to integrate the packages (the nightmare you talk about), and then you're set.
And it is easier afterward too. You're not compelled to keep some outdated packages. Like Mesa, which was always several versions behind, and that you could not really replace without risking crashes.
Or the fact that you downloaded tons of useless tools, or outdated versions of packages that you could replace fortunately (like expat, fontconfig, libfreetype, ...).

Frankly, it's way better now, I even got rid of /usr/X11 recently (everything is in /usr), and it works. I can use the latest Mesa, necessary for AIGLX (though I don't use it), I can use the latest freetype library, the latest far faster and reliable fontconfig development version (2.3.95).

I use the repository with a script I made which updates the version numbers in my package system, tells me what I miss and what does not exist anymore. I thik that's a good packager resource.

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