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Zeta "A new distribution partner for the alternative operating system ZETA OS has been announced. The worldwide distribution rights for the ambitious Operating system have been granted to Magnussoft Germany. This also means that the continuation and future of operating system ZETA, despite the problems of yellowTAB GmbH, has now been secured. A first production run to satisfy the increasing demand for version 1.2 has already been initiated. The first copies from this run should arrive at existing dealers within a couple of days."
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Not the end ?
by Jack Burton on Wed 24th May 2006 09:28 UTC
Jack Burton
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Bernd posted this in YellowTab's forums:

"You will see more news in the next days about all of that and it will also answer a lot of more questions. And i am sure you will like the answers"

So maybe it's not the end after all...

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