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Apple Did Apple make a mistake by switching to Intel? We may never know, but Apple had more options than has been previously reported, The Register can exclusively reveal. A chip start-up that created a high performance, low power processor compatible with existing Mac software had been working closely with the computer company for many months. "PA Semi was counting on that deal," said one source. "They had lots of guys walking around in a daze when Apple went to Intel. They had no idea that would actually happen." Ars's Hannibal, criticaster of Apple's reasoning to switch to Intel, also expressed his thoughts on this issue.
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RE[10]: Wait...
by atsureki on Wed 24th May 2006 13:57 UTC in reply to "RE[9]: Wait..."
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Go motherboard shopping and then come back and tell me it is BS. Most of the motherboards you can buy have integrated video these days. category search: on Intel boards, integrated video has a slight edge at 119 with and 103 without. AMD boards have it clearly in the minority at 92 with and 164 without. 44% in total have onboard video. It's much higher than it was just a year ago, but I suspect that's to do with the increasing popularity of small, cheap computers as AV appliances, so let's investigate. On full ATX form factor, 17 / 128 Intel boards (13%) and 1 / 174 (yes, ONE) AMD boards (0.5%) have it. That's 6% total, not "most" by any stretch of the imagination.

But wasn't that your point to begin with? That PCs are upgradeable and Macs aren't? Why would you just make something up that doesn't even support your point?

Oh wait, it's because you're a troll.

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