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Mono Project "In the last few weeks a large number of bugs have been fixed in our Windows.Forms implementation which finally has allowed us to get larger applications running with Mono. As time goes by we are able to run more complicated applications with Mono. In October I imported a version of Paint.Net, a paint application built with .NET into our repository. I made some changes to it to get it working on Linux, this is a screenshot as of this afternoon."
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RE[2]: Wow
by marpaco on Wed 24th May 2006 15:34 UTC in reply to "RE: Wow"
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In the end, the fact that it was ported should speak for itself. The great news here is that before there was no Paint.NET in Linux and now there is. This is thanks to Mono Framework and to Mono developers that have made it happen.

I think it is a big win for everyone. The GIMP is awesome and now disputes this fact. However, just as there are different kinds of motor vehicles there can be different software tools that serve audiences with diverse technical background and taste, even it these applications could be consider as part of the same genre.

Mono is making a lot of progress in less than 5 years. How long have Qt and Java been around? Both Qt framework and Java's GUI toolkits are great. Once more variety is good.

Mono simply rocks hard! ^_^

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