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Apple Did Apple make a mistake by switching to Intel? We may never know, but Apple had more options than has been previously reported, The Register can exclusively reveal. A chip start-up that created a high performance, low power processor compatible with existing Mac software had been working closely with the computer company for many months. "PA Semi was counting on that deal," said one source. "They had lots of guys walking around in a daze when Apple went to Intel. They had no idea that would actually happen." Ars's Hannibal, criticaster of Apple's reasoning to switch to Intel, also expressed his thoughts on this issue.
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RE[12]: Wait...
by atsureki on Wed 24th May 2006 15:34 UTC in reply to "RE[11]: Wait..."
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Hah... I love it when people resort to "the troll defense" instead of actually address the real points.

There's no such thing as the troll defense. I've never been called a troll on here. Most people haven't. Just because someone says it doesn't mean it's true, but if you get called a troll every time you post, I'd start to suspect...

Ok, so I didn't check Newegg. I admit that parts was off.

But you failed to address any of the rest of my claims and only addressed the one you could come up with a defense for.

Oh. And I love how people think they can just redefine the word "troll" on this forum... Like in your case:

atsureki's definition of troll: Anyone who doesn't agree with me and whom I can't address the real points with.

It's not my responsibility to argue with everything you say, nor does it become my responsibility to take on your entire post when I choose to reply to it. We're not complete opposites or blood adversaries simply because I find your conduct distasteful and your claims ridiculous.

I called you a troll because your posts contain made-up facts in apparent non-sequiturs, which seem to accomplish no other purpose than to be adversarial. I stopped at the integrated video topic because I felt it was a prime example easily demonstrated with numbers and straightforward reasoning. Why say most motherboards have switched to integrated video if your claim is that most customers demand an upgrade path? Neither part is true, and they make less sense together, but you appeared to be disagreeing with the other guy, so I guess mission accomplished.

You've seen the Warner Bros. cartoons with reflexive arguments, right? Buggs gets Elmer to change his mind just by reversing what he's saying. That's part of what makes these threads last so long. If I concerned myself with addressing every word of your post, I'd lose perspective and fall into the troll trap. It's not that trolls are malicious. They take bait just like everyone else. I understand the contest mentality, but it doesn't belong here. It belongs on Usenet.

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