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Editorial It's conventional wisdom that computers need to be "easier to use." But do they? More reliable, yes. Easier to troubleshoot, yes. But now that so many people use computers so much, I think there's something to be said for making them less easy-to-use and less intuitive.
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Precisely. The author doesn't take into account the nature of intelligent automation. Simple is good. One button that forces you to do a dozen things when six things is all you want done is bad. We want our lives more automated in order to save us time, but we strive to have that automation be as intelligent as we are.

Your example of VCR versus DVR is perfect. I know my ReplayTV has saved me hundreds of hours over the course of its use (a couple years) because it's able to make some decisions for me. The key to the future of computing in general, is designing them not only to mirror the decisions humans make, but also learn how humans make the decisions.

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