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Microsoft "eWEEK Labs' evaluation of Microsoft's Office 2007 Beta 2 unearthed compelling features and tools, and reminded us why enterprises continue to rely on the productivity suite. During tests of the second beta of Office 2007, we were impressed with the suite's collaboration features. In fact, we believe they will be the impetus for dedicated Windows shops to upgrade when Office 2007 ships later in 2006. The suitewide attention to collaboration will enable users and enterprises as a whole to work with information in new and more creative ways." My take: I've been testing Office 2007 for a while now, and all I can say is this: the new interface is excellent. Try it before judging it, please.
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Don't know about this...
by ccchips on Wed 24th May 2006 20:46 UTC
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I have a serious vision handicap, and need to try avoiding a mouse as much as possible. On menuing interfaces, I can almost always escape by pressing the "alt" button along with a key, or by pressing and then releasing the "alt" button so I can traverse the menus with the keyboard.

What will be the equivalent in this "new, inproved interface?"

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