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Intel "Earlier this month, Intel held a 'reviewer's workshop' event where they invited a number of representatives from hardware review sites to spend a few days benchmarking and learning about their new Core 2 microarchitecture. The star of the show was Woodcrest, which is the top end of the Core 2 lineup and will be replacing the last Netburst-based Xeon processor in June. The participating reviewers got to benchmark both Dempsey and Woodcrest, and the results of those benchmark runs are now available. In all, Woodcrest looks like a stellar performer that massively improves on its predecessors in both raw horsepower and power efficiency."
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AMD'S in trouble
by Beresford on Wed 24th May 2006 21:07 UTC
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A few websites I've read seem to indicate the Intel has a winner on it's hand.
A recent review of the AM2 socket on Anadtech say's that AMD didn't want them to compare it to Intel's Core CPU (or whatever it's called) because AMD's chip was available and Intel's wasn't.
That's sound suspicious to me, more like they know the Athlon is going to get beaten. At the end of the Anandtech article they say that AMD has something up it's sleave. I hope this is the case, we don't need another Intel monopoly.

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