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SuSE, openSUSE reviews SUSE 10.1, and concludes: "With SUSE 10.1, Novell has embraced and extended its role as the leading desktop distribution. Given the amount of eye-popping eye candy and playtime 3-D effects available on this desktop, it's easy to forget that Novell is all about bringing Linux to the corporate - not the home - desktops. Yes, the money is all in the server market these days, but after the revolution Linux will inherit its rightful share of desktops, too."
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RE[2]: New perspective
by grat on Thu 25th May 2006 13:07 UTC in reply to "RE: New perspective"
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Well, even though Red Hat is a Gnome based company, they said JBoss - and you'd have to say they were right. Making 3D desktop cubes, as nice an additional activity as it is, isn't going to bring the money in.

Err... Mono is being used in package management, Banshee, and iFolder (which is a nice little application). Red Carpet, and Mono were the main reasons Novell bought Ximian. By the time they're done, they'll have a unified package management system at the level of their Zenworks for windows, and that will be very attractive at the corporate level. It *is* a bit unstable at the moment, though.

It has approximately zero in common with XGL-- which, by the way, isn't actually configured by default, because Novell knows it's a bit buggy still too. ;)

Personally, after hammering on 10.1 for awhile, I came to the conclusion that it's not a bad release, although the package management led to some serious hair pulling on an amd64 system. Some of that was because I was *too* knowledgable, and tried to clean up the mess rug/yast made.

As soon as some updates come out for rug/yast/libzypp (next week, supposedly), I'll probably start using it on my production desktops, but I doubt I'll have XGL enabled.

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