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Novell and Ximian Novell has filed its response to SCO Group slander of title case against it, making the same claim against the Unix vendor and adding that it believes it is entitled to 95% of SCO's intellectual property licensing revenue. This legal filing is the latest twist in the long-running argument between SCO and Novell over which company holds the copyrights to the UnixWare operating system and Unix System V code base, and could have a financial impact on SCO's other legal claims.
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Go Novell!
by JeffS on Tue 2nd Aug 2005 16:51 UTC
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Novell is doing a great job at further exposing what a sham SCO and it's ridiculous lawsuits are. This latest punch shows thoroughly that SCO doesn't even have the right to sue/collect over Unix IP.

This will be the final nail in SCO's coffin, and will bring to court the MS and SUN Unix licenses paid to SCO, and expose what they were up to (hint: trash/FUD Linux)

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