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Editorial It's conventional wisdom that computers need to be "easier to use." But do they? More reliable, yes. Easier to troubleshoot, yes. But now that so many people use computers so much, I think there's something to be said for making them less easy-to-use and less intuitive.
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i think the real problem with clippy was that it seems they didnt try to detect what the users problem was and give a simple list of suggestings. they only tryed to detect if a person had a problem and then ask if he wanted help. so yes its a poor example.

however, im not sure that "stanley" is a good example either as that was a purpose-buildt device for a very specific kind of problem. a intelligent computer interface must be able to handle a increasing list of jobs, and understand what each user wants to do...

its the classical "do what i want you to do, not what i tell you to do".

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