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Windows Don't expect Microsoft to talk much about the Basic edition of Windows Vista when the operating system ships. The software maker wants you to go Premium. Microsoft is readying its marketing efforts for Vista, the successor to Windows XP slated to be broadly available in January. In its consumer campaigns, the company plans to highlight specific uses - which it calls 'scenarios' - of the operating system. In each case, Windows Vista Home Premium will be the product Microsoft tries to sell.
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by atsureki on Thu 25th May 2006 20:40 UTC
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"Scenarios should increase Windows Vista PC sales and drive the desire for Windows Vista Home Premium."

Windows Vista Home Premium? Does anyone else see the negative image or outright contradiction in that name?

This is such typical Microsoft. They always put important or desirable features (in this case, Aero Glass) in the step-up version to leave the buyer feeling like he can spend $200 for nothing or $300 for something. Look at XP home. You can't even put passwords on shares. It's actually a step back from Windows 98 in network security.

Is anyone fooled into thinking there are real options with Windows? I suppose if their box only came in one color, it would be harder to get away with charging what they do for it. The illusion must be just strong enough to allow them their "But wait! For only $100 more, you can have this state-of-the-art TCP/IP stack!" marketing.

This article says it all. They're not making an operating system. They're marketing a product for volume revenue, which is perfectly fine Capitalist behavior, but it's interesting how they end up offering an inferior product because their busness is specialized, as opposed to Apple who makes their software good just to sweeten the deal on hardware sales.

Anyway, I can't wait to see some of these scenarios. I'm sick of fixing family members' PCs, so it'll be fun just to go down the list and say "any Mac can do that" or "Linux will let you do that for free" or "I could plop BeOS on a 486, and you'd be able to run circles around that."

Or better yet, maybe they'll surprise me. Maybe Vista will amount to more than a new skin and a bunch pop-up dialogs and wizards harassing me about my system settings after all. But I'm not holding my breath.

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