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General Unix The numbers in the Unix market may be flat, but Hewlett-Packard sees a bright future for its HP-UX operating system. The company this fall will release HP-UX 11i v3 - the first major revamp of the OS in three years - with enhancements in its virtualization and automation capabilities, according to Don Jenkins, vice president of HP's Business Critical Servers unit.
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by project_2501 on Fri 26th May 2006 00:29 UTC
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if HP want their HPUX to get exposure to a large number of testers, developers, tinkerers, students, entrepreneurs ... they should make a version free (or open even) for x86.

The pattern we're seeing with Solaris is that people are testing, learning and developing for the OS on cheap consumer-class hardware - with production being fine tuned on server-end sparc or opteron hardware.

this will only work if the free OS is equivalent functionally to the premium version - and you can largely say this is true for solaris 10/11.

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