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Java Popular Java IDE IntelliJ IDEA's 5.0 version is released by JetBrains. Some of the new features: advanced Css, Html, XHtml, Javascript and JSP support, Integrated Subversion-Perforce support, J2ME developement and a lot of editor-coding related enhancements. IDEA is a commercial product, however they provide free licenses to active Open Source projects.
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Bought it last night
by gbryal on Tue 2nd Aug 2005 18:28 UTC
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I'd been waiting on it for the Java 5 support in Mac OS X. I wasn't a heavy user of 4.5.4, more a case of dragging it out once in a while to see what it could do. I decided now to commit to it for my non-work-related projects and see where it takes me.

The CSS support was the first obvious thing I saw work.
My JSPs that were quiet and correct in 4.5.4 now had errors marked in them, which is a good thing.

I did have a lot of trouble getting Subversion working, and eventually gave up and went with CVS. There were some odd bugs that came from me switching version control on and off and switching from subversion to cvs, that I haven't nailed down enough to file a bug about.

My favorite feature of IDEA is that I don't know enough about third party plugins to bury myself in them like I do in Eclipse, which is a much bigger statement about my lack of self-control than about the IDE.

Out of the box, I find IDEA to be completely sufficient for my needs, which at present are web apps using Spring, Hibernate, and JSTL running under Tomcat. All of the plugins I thought I needed under Eclipse (most of which are now available under the fine and inexpensive MyEclipseIDE) really weren't missed, and once you adjust to the new keys, it's really a snappy and professional IDE.

One gripe: sometimes there are things that aren't in the context menus but are in the menubar at the top. There is probably a good reason for this, but it took me way too long to figure out how to rename a resource. This could have been avoided through careful application of the fine manual.

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