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Privacy, Security, Encryption A gaping security flaw in the latest versions of Symantec's anti-virus software suite could put millions of users at risk of a debilitating worm attack, Internet security experts warned May 25. Researchers at eEye Digital Security, the company that discovered the flaw, said it could be exploited by remote hackers to take complete control of the target machine "without any user action".
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What about *no* virus scanners
by egarland on Sat 27th May 2006 00:56 UTC
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Virus scanners all suck. They suck memory, CPU and I/O bandwidth. They mess with the internals of the operating system and make it highly unstable.

The more complicated a software system is the more likely it is to have bugs and security holes. I don't get a good feeling from any of the vendors (especially Symantec) that they are keeping their software small and well tested. It's all big and loose and fluffy (aka full of holes).

If you know what you are doing, don't open things you shouldn't, patch like mad, use only software worth trusting, and put your machine behind a good firewall what is really the risk/benefit of constantly running an on-demand virus scanner.

Granted, for people who aren't highly technical power users, a virus scanner is a safety net, but couldn't it be true that sometimes that net just isn't worth it.

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