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RE: iPod
by atsureki on Sat 27th May 2006 06:31 UTC in reply to "iPod"
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50 Cent is the only compelling reason I've ever heard not to like the iPod.

You can't use any music player with thousands of songs blindly. You either leave it playing on shuffle or leave it playing on a specific album/artist. If you want blind control, your only choice is the Shuffle or some other low-end consumer flash device that holds maybe one or two CDs.

All of the files in the weird hierarchy are id3 tagged, so iTunes can sort them back into their original glory. If you really want to micromanage what you carry, it's easily done with an iTunes playlist, and if you just want more fine-tuned control, there are third party and FOSS apps to do it.

The backlight can be turned off completely.

It's a music player, not a dictation machine, but accessories exist.

I was paranoid about the battery, too, before I owned one, but battery life is hours and hours. It's doing more harm to the battery that I can't drain it fast enough. And Apple has started a pretty good system to take care of the issue. Every couple years, a hundred bucks for a new one. Not bad.

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