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Windows "Windows Vista Beta 2 includes a new defense against buffer overrun exploits called address space layout randomization. Not only is it in Beta 2, it's on by default too. Now before I continue, I want to level set ASLR. It is not a panacea, it is not a replacement for insecure code, but when used in conjunction with other technologies, which I will explain shortly, it is a useful defense because it makes Windows systems look 'different' to malware, making automated attacks harder." On a related note, Microsoft is having difficulties in reaching parity between the 64bit and 32bit version of Vista concerning the amount of drivers shipped.
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by Gullible Jones on Sun 28th May 2006 02:09 UTC in reply to "RE: Not new"
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Well, imagine if Gnome implemented all the great stuff from Windows and OSX!

See, it would be nice, but it ain't going to happen. MS is not going to produce a highly customizable operating system, Apple is not going to open-source OSX, Linux is not going to develop native compatibility with Windows binaries, and several dozen other things that would probably be nice are simply not going to happen, because they'd drain too much effort from other things, they'd be obsoleted by the time they were complete, they might turn out to produce problems outweighing their advanteges, or they're simply not possible.

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