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In the News "At PC World, we spend most of our time talking about products that make your life easier or your work more productive. But it's the lousy ones that linger in our memory long after their shrinkwrap has shriveled, and that make tech editors cry out, 'What have I done to deserve this?' Still, even the worst products deserve recognition (or deprecation). So as we put together our list of World Class winners for 2006, we decided also to spotlight the 25 worst tech products that have been released since PC World began publishing nearly a quarter-century ago."
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RE: A1?
by Ultimatebadass on Sun 28th May 2006 10:48 UTC in reply to "A1?"
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Or the Amiga A600 (more expensive than A500, less powerful)?

I had one of those (A600) and I think it was better than the A500 - had 1MB of ram, Kickstart 2.x/Workbench 2.x, was smaller, included a PCMCIA port and you could get one with a 2.5" harddrive pre-installed (the A600HD).

Only thing that was missing was the numeric keypad but back then I didn't use it all that much (they keyboard was there for typing in cheat codes anyway ;-) ). You could do anything just fine without it (and someone even wrote a software emulator if you ABSOLUTELY needed it's functionality for some program to work).

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