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Google Google Labs has released Picasa for Linux, ported using Wine by CodeWeavers. The free Picasa download is available now. My Take: The software requirements are fairly hefty in that some features require cutting edge programs like HAL and a 2.6+ kernel, but this is fantastic news for Linux users. Picasa is an excellent program that rivals iPhoto. Update by AS : Google ported Picasa using Wine, but it was still a LOT of work and the result was completely effective. Please read more on the WineHQ mailing list. Update 2: You do not need Wine installed to run this - it's a self-contained Wine lib. Also, the Picasa download apparently doesn't work from all countries. Update by TH: Here's a review.
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RE[2]: One question
by atsureki on Sun 28th May 2006 18:30 UTC in reply to "RE: One question"
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According to the user page, that poster is in Bulgaria and has posted a grand total of 29 words to OS News. I'm going to go out on a limb here and point out that (s)he's probably white and doesn't know much English. Racist was the wrong word, but you can't expect everyone on Earth to know what Americans will nitpick or find offensive. It wasn't appropriate to react that strongly (I'm talking mostly to the people who modded it down.) Even I can't think of a word that fits Google's action here except for unfair. Xenophobic and nationalist don't fit any better, especially since they're no good at describing specific actions. The Internet is worldwide. To go out of your way just to block users from outside the country is... well, it seems kinda racist.

And don't bother pointing out that the US is a mixed population. Racism is about perception and knee-jerk reactions, not careful study and even-handed application.

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