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SuSE, openSUSE SoftwareInReview takes a look at SUSE 10.1, and summarizes: "While SUSE Linux 10.1 has lost some ground on its wonderful predecessor, I can see where it is headed in the future - and I like what I'm envisioning. A mildly buggy release like 10.1 was necessary in the big picture, unless of course Novell had opted to wait until issues with Atheros drivers, the ZENworks updater, and XGL were resolved. That would have resulted in a 'skipped' release, I think. Despite the trouble I had with 10.1, none of the problems were showstoppers, nor would they keep me from continuing to use and recommend SUSE Linux."
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RE[2]: Pathetic release
by grat on Sun 28th May 2006 22:45 UTC in reply to "RE: Pathetic release"
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Saying someone is an honest person after they said Windows requires no tweaking after an install... Well, if they're honest, then they're just clueless.

ZMD sucks. Plain and simple. In another couple of months, it'll be fine, because Novell has no choice but to fix it.

Now, what would make SuSE much better in my opinion, is an update system that doesn't require me to "just know" about Guru and Packman.

Novell, of all the companies out there doing Linux distros, should be able to spare the bandwidth to provide some good installation repositories.

That would also allow them to ship a CD with a "must have" function set, and let people who have the pipes download the rest of the apps as needed.

So, pathetic? No. Needs more work? Yes.

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