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PC-BSD "PC-BSD 1.1 was released today, along with a PBI update file for users running 1.0, who wish to update to 1.1. This release brings the core operating system up to the latest version of FreeBSD 6.1, adds better driver support to the kernel, and improves the speed on many systems." Update: Screenshots.
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RE[2]: Strengths, Weaknesses, Differences?
by manix on Tue 30th May 2006 04:12 UTC
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I have used GNU/Linux as a desktop system for a while then I moved to FreeBSD. I had been using FreeBSD for a while on servers.

There are many GNU/Linux Distros which are philosophically different. Some focus on features (like SuSE), even if these means being blotted, others on correctness, like Debian and Slackware. However, I haven't found one yet that is as mature as FreeBSD.

FreeBSD is striving to make things perfect. Configurations don't break after upgrades (it comes with a configuration merging tool), programs are easy to install, there are very few conflicts, good support and very good documentation.

When I used GNU/Linux, I like it, it was a great system, great features, good multimedia support. But there were always little things that didn't work right and made me lose a lot of time. Sometimes I felt like reinstalling it all together (doesn't that remind us something). FreeBSD, on the other hand, is like a Japanese car or a Swiss watch, it doesn't look too cool nor too flashy, but it works great.

There are a few drawbacks: the flash support for FreeBSD is quite bad (it doesn't work for me since I upgraded to 6.1), there are no real 3D drivers. FreeBSD is not the right system for games and multimedia.

I think it is as good as the best linux distros when it comes to be used as a desktop system (except for for viewing web pages with flash). The only problem was that it is damn difficult to install for people who are used to systems such as windoze. I guess PC-BSD and Desktop-BSD have done a great job making FreeBSD accessible to all.

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