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PC-BSD "PC-BSD 1.1 was released today, along with a PBI update file for users running 1.0, who wish to update to 1.1. This release brings the core operating system up to the latest version of FreeBSD 6.1, adds better driver support to the kernel, and improves the speed on many systems." Update: Screenshots.
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by Bobmeister on Tue 30th May 2006 11:38 UTC
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I am going to give PC-BSD a try for fun and learning. Could someone clarify one point for me? It is my understanding that this .pbi package system is find and dandy, but that you can also, just like on free bsd use the pkg_add -r command to access the entire free-bsd ports tree for many software titles, correct?

So...other than that PC-BSD has this new package system for "some" software....and has nice graphics and out of the box "ease of use"'s REALLY Free bsd underneath and can be run like it...including the package/ports system?

Thanks...if anyone can shed light on I would be interested in exploiting the system as much as possible.

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