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In the News Dell and its business model has been the focus of a lot of comment on Apple oriented forums in recent months. The Dell model is said to be unviable, and Dell's recent news is said to prove this. A limited endorsement of sorts for the so called "end to end model" in music has been published by Walt Mossberg in the WSJ. Recently a real sky-is-falling article with this theme has appeared here. This is a subject that matters. If the advocates of the so-called "end to end model" are right, it implies that the industry structure which allows us all to source hardware from wherever we want, and run a variety of OSs on it, is in danger.
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PC or Non-PC, it's irrelevant. The music industry has always been a commodity market. Being tied to Apple hardware when purchasing from iTMS is, in principle, no more acceptable than it would be if I were to required to purchase a Virgin branded CD player to play CDs bought at a Virgin Record store and a Wallmart CD player to play music bought at Wallmart.

Once the novelty of online distribution wears off, consumers will demand the same type of interoperability they've always had with music.

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