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In the News Dell and its business model has been the focus of a lot of comment on Apple oriented forums in recent months. The Dell model is said to be unviable, and Dell's recent news is said to prove this. A limited endorsement of sorts for the so called "end to end model" in music has been published by Walt Mossberg in the WSJ. Recently a real sky-is-falling article with this theme has appeared here. This is a subject that matters. If the advocates of the so-called "end to end model" are right, it implies that the industry structure which allows us all to source hardware from wherever we want, and run a variety of OSs on it, is in danger.
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As companies, I don't particularly like either MS or Apple, although I would generally pick Apple as the lesser evil. I also don't like DRM, but I'm not naive enough to believe that it's going to go away. If there's going to be DRM, MS's offering is far more beneficial to consumers than is Apple's. MS is content to get a small part of a lot of pies, but Apple only wants to play in markets where it gets the entire pie.

Where is Microsoft playing for small portions? They have the majority of the market on operating systems, office suites, and web browsers. They're desperately pushing to hold on to the web browser dominance and for more control of game systems, servers, and multimedia. If Windows Media catches on, it'll be a disaster for consumer choice. MS doesn't even offer a basic player for a second platform anymore. Anyone with Windows Media is forced to use Windows, period. How is that beneficial to consumers?

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