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In the News Dell and its business model has been the focus of a lot of comment on Apple oriented forums in recent months. The Dell model is said to be unviable, and Dell's recent news is said to prove this. A limited endorsement of sorts for the so called "end to end model" in music has been published by Walt Mossberg in the WSJ. Recently a real sky-is-falling article with this theme has appeared here. This is a subject that matters. If the advocates of the so-called "end to end model" are right, it implies that the industry structure which allows us all to source hardware from wherever we want, and run a variety of OSs on it, is in danger.
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They have it.

Only if you find a further degradation in sound quality an acceptable trade off for the interoperability you've had all along. I don't and I see no reason to believe that consumers in general will over the long run.

Fairplay just offers much more flexibility than WMDRM ever will

False. On the technical side, MS's DRM scheme offers a greater range of enforcable policies than FairPlay, making it more attractive to publishers, and it's available on a far greater range of devices, which will eventually win over consumers.

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