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KDE Thiago Macieira says in his blog: "With commit 546830, KDE says good-bye to one of its longest friends: DCOP. The technology has served us well for 6 years, to the point that has become one of our most proeminent features." From now on, the KDE 4 tree will use DBUS. Due to the very extensive use of DCOP in KDE, this is a big jump for DBUS, "probably bring[ing] more applications into D-BUS in one go than there currently are".
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good for them.
by skeezix on Wed 31st May 2006 18:29 UTC
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Good stuff, good stuff. This opens up all sorts of avenues; it'll make Solid development easier (thanks to one removed layer of abstraction for hotplugging), and just think of all the universal media player controller software people will start writing! oh boy! Not only that, but it just makes things more standard, which is perhaps the most important thing.

I really like the KDE philosophy of exposing all sorts of interfaces to a system message bus. I'm surprised GNOME programs don't adopt that as much; it would seem to me to be a GNOME-y way of doing things.

(GNOME is my desktop of choice, by the way, but I might just switch when KDE 4 becomes usable.)

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