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AMD AMD may be looking to buy graphics company ATI Technologies, a move that would benefit the overall graphics industry, according to RBC Capital Markets. "The synergies of this seem consistent with the recent announcements by AMD to significantly increase capacity over the next few-years," wrote analyst Apjit Walia in a note to investors Wednesday. "We believe ATI is a rare-buy in the semiconductor space right now given the near-term tie-up dynamics."
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by Sodapop on Wed 31st May 2006 22:52 UTC
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I don't know, I just can't really see this unless ATi was in trouble fiancially.

If they did, it could be a blow to Intel. As for Linux drivers, I'm not sure. Is it Intel or AMD that does more for Linux? I'm thinking AMD, so this could be a good thing for the Linux community.

But I just don't think this will take off, it is just a rumor.

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