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Apple "It's not that I despise Apple or the wonderful products it showcases year after year, but the fact that almost every first generation Apple product has serious quality assurance issues bugs me beyond belief. Let's take a look at two of Apple's most successful products, the company's portable music player and its notebook series."
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RE[2]: What annoys me...
by Simba on Thu 1st Jun 2006 17:12 UTC in reply to "RE: What annoys me..."
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> Thay are NO hotter then a similar toshiba or dell with the
> same dimentions and processor!

Yes. they are.

> and how often do you put it on your lap? and for how long?

Oh lets see... 2 to 3 hours at a time during airport layovers? All the time when I am sitting on the couch?

> yea.... apple service sucks!

It does.

> stop the frigg'n whineing

Yeah.... You made your point. You are one of the Apple defenders who worships the one true god Steve Jobs and licks the ground he walks on. Cause we all know the holy institution of Apple is perfect in every way.

Give me a break. Apple has had problems like this all the way back since the horrible Apple III days. Do you remember the Apple III? The system that Jobs gave the engineers impossible specs to work with and told them they couldn't use a fan because it was "asthetically unappealing and noisy"? remeember what happened? The systems ran so hot they warped their motherboards and popped chips right out of their sockets over time.

Apple has always been more concerned with "designer computers" than with reliability and function. And the MacBook Pro is just the latest example of a problem that started way back with the Apple III.

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