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Apple "It's not that I despise Apple or the wonderful products it showcases year after year, but the fact that almost every first generation Apple product has serious quality assurance issues bugs me beyond belief. Let's take a look at two of Apple's most successful products, the company's portable music player and its notebook series."
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RE[3]: What annoys me...
by Thom_Holwerda on Thu 1st Jun 2006 17:25 UTC in reply to "RE: What annoys me..."
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what a frigg'n whiner!!!!! dude.... the MBPs do not get THAT hot... thay are NO hotter then a similar toshiba or dell with the same dimentions and processor! GIVE ME A BREAK! and how often do you put it on your lap? and for how long?

I have a MacBook Pro sitting right next to me here (loaned from Apple NL for review, I get to keep it for a month, and about a week of that month has already passed), and by god, that thing is RIDICOULOUSY hot. The MBP should have NEVER been released with this amount of heat. It is simply UNACCEPTABLE.

And stop that silly "it is not meant to be used on your lap" kind of nonsense. It is a damn LAPtop, and as such, I will use it as such. If not, I would buy an iMac, now, wouldn't I?

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