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Apple "It's not that I despise Apple or the wonderful products it showcases year after year, but the fact that almost every first generation Apple product has serious quality assurance issues bugs me beyond belief. Let's take a look at two of Apple's most successful products, the company's portable music player and its notebook series."
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RE[2]: What annoys me...
by Simba on Thu 1st Jun 2006 19:54 UTC in reply to "RE: What annoys me..."
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> Apparently your not comfortable enough being a "early adopter" of
> new products, not everyone is.

I am very comfortable being an early adopter. What I am not comfortable with is Apple not standing behind their design / manufacturing defects and claiming no problem exist when it clearly does.

> So you tried a Mac and it wasn't the picture of computer nirvana
> you expected, fine.

You assume this is my first Mac. It's not. I've owned them in the past, and up until now, have been pretty happy.

> Mac's are simply better overall.

Macs are built with the same commodity components as PCs these dayss. They are not better. Only difference is that as Apple's manufacturing costs have gone down because of cheaper components, they have raised their prices to their customers instead of lower them like every other sensible computer maker has done.

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