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AMD AMD may be looking to buy graphics company ATI Technologies, a move that would benefit the overall graphics industry, according to RBC Capital Markets. "The synergies of this seem consistent with the recent announcements by AMD to significantly increase capacity over the next few-years," wrote analyst Apjit Walia in a note to investors Wednesday. "We believe ATI is a rare-buy in the semiconductor space right now given the near-term tie-up dynamics."
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It wont happen because....
by werfu on Thu 1st Jun 2006 20:29 UTC
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because AMD dont make chipset nor motherboard... as someone else said upper, AMD need other vendor to supply chipset for its CPU, so cutting its tie with NVidia and VIA would be sucidal move. AMD would simply loose it's attraction for chipset and motherboard maker. Also I wouldn't be a fan for this, as my preferated combo (AMD+Nvidia) would become like ice and fire...

The smartest move for AMD now would surely to consider a merger with VIA. They have graphic chipset, provide low performance motherboard chipset (compare to NVidia and ATI), and their grip on the embded market would help boost AMD which is lagging behing with it's Geode. It could result in a nice competitor against the X-Scale platform from Intel.

Also I dont think NVidia or ATI would find themselve threatned by VIA if AMD decide to stay in value and serveur market, leaving the gamer market to them. One who could be hurt still is SIS who would undoubtely fall (AMD could simply refuse them the right to produce for their processor).

As said upper, buying a network card producer could be an avenue against Intel too.

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